1.Duty Free Allowances

        New Zealand Allowances

  • 3 x Bottles (Max 1.125L per bottle) of Spirits and
  • 6 Bottles of Wine, champagne or port and
  • 50g or 50 Sticks of Tobacco

        Australian Allowances

  • 2.25L of Spirits or Wine and
  • 50g or 50 sticks of Tobacco (example link below) or (Attached document)

         For more information on your Allowances click here


2.What are LAG Restrictions?

Liquids, Aerosols and Gels. There are possible restrictions depending on the country you are travelling to or from. If there is a restriction it may restrict your quantities taking on board and aircraft or purchasing duty free.

Rules restrict passengers on carrying liquids, aerosols and gels (LAGs) past screening points, whether on their persons or in their hand luggage, with the following exemptions:

    • liquids in individual containers with capacity no greater than 100 milliliters packed in one transparent one-liter re-sealable plastic bag

For more information regarding LAG's Click Here

3.What happens to my purchase if my flight is diverted to another airport within New Zealand?

In the unlikely event that your arrival flight to New Zealand is diverted to another airport please make sure you have your Shop and Collect docket stamped by New Zealand Customs on arrival when you pass through immigration.

Please make contact with customer services to organize the collection of the parcel, this will have to be done by the person who bought the goods and travelled internationally. Customer service can be contacted on +64 9 9732670 or on email CustomerService@theloopdutyfree.co.nz

4. How to Contact Customer service support?

PH: 09 973 2670 (+64 9 973 2670 from outside of New Zealand)

Email: customerservice@theloopdutyfree.co.nz

Office Hours: Mon-Fri 09:00am-17:30pm

Out of office Service hours: Sat-Sun      

For Outside Office hours please leave detailed Message on PH: 09 973 2670 (+64 9 973 2670 from outside of New Zealand)

5.How can I send a compliment to your staff?

We are always interested to hear feedback on your experience in shopping with ARI. We would be happy to receive by


           Phone: +64 9 973 2670

           Email: customerservice@theloopdutyfree.co.nz

6. What is online shopping?

Online shopping allows you to purchase items from The Loop Duty Free website before you arrive at the airport. You simply buy before you fly and pick up your products at the airport before you board the plane. Or collect on your return to NZ.

7.What do I need to shop online?

- Flight Details, Travel Date and Credit card

8. Who can purchase online?

-  Passengers travelling Internationally inbound or outbound New Zealand

-  Alcohol and Tobacco Age Restriction 18+

9.What do I need to bring with me to pick up my order?

- Confirmation receipt, Passport

10. Are there any restrictions around when I can place an order

-  12hrs before flight Departure or Arrivals

11. Can I buy Alcohol on this website?

-  Yes you can, Age Restriction 18+

12. What products are available to buy through The Loop Duty Free

-  You can buy a wide range of products including alcohol, confectionary, fragrance, make up skincare and electronics.

13.Does anyone else see the information I provide to The Loop

- We respect your privacy. The information you provide will not be given to any third party without your express consent … (policy and procedure)

14. What payment mechanism can I use to purchase online

-  Credit Card. We accept all major credit card providers.  

15. What currency am I charged in

New Zealand dollars

16.What if my flight details change?

Please contact Customer Service and advise of Change flight details by:

Phone: 09 9732670 or +64 9 9732670 from outside of New Zealand.

If outside of office hours contact by email:  

Email: CustomerService@theloopdutyfree.co.nz