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Glendalough Premium Poitin

Before there was whiskey, there was poitín. Poitín was the origin of the species, the original “water of life”. It’s Ireland’s gift to the world, one of the first spirits ever to be distilled. Traditionally made from malted barley, sugar beet and potatoes. Distilled with expertise, reverence and craft, distillers reputations were made or broken on the quality of their spirit, using various styles and methods. Visual: Clear. Nose: Deeply malty with a crisp and peppery high note. Taste: Slightly sweet with a funky bitter edge. Think of a vodka that’s been distilled just a few times. Viscous mouthfeel has an enveloping character. Finish: As it fades, delicate notes of fresh pear appear.

Glendalough Premium Poitin 700ml

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