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Wild Tiger India Spiced Rum 700ml

Wild Tiger India SPICED Rum is Asia's and India's first Premium Spiced Rum produced in state of Kerala, South India. It is an Authentic Spiced rum made with 11 Natural Spices including cardamom, ginger and a secret tea extract to name few.

The notes are aromatic, rich and flavourful. You can drink it on the rocks or even when a mixer is added the flavours don't fizzle out unlike other Spiced Rum's.

Every bottle is hand packed by village women and every bottle has unique tiger stripes design which makes it a great gifting idea and collectible too. Get a cool Tiger Claw Key ring with each bottle, that is suspended on the neck of the bottle.

10% of Wild Tiger's profits are donated to the Wild Tiger Foundation to Save Tigers from extinction.

Wild Tiger India Spiced Rum 700ml

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