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Bottled In Bond 1L

In the late 1800s, not everyone respected quality as much as Jack Daniel did. Store owners would often buy whiskey by the barrel straight from the distillers, and add dyes or cut it with chemicals when they bottled it to increase their profits before selling it to customers. You can imagine how that wasn’t in the best interest of people who were just looking for a few smooth sips. So in 1895, Jack began bottling his Tennessee Whiskey in his iconic square bottle. He wanted to know exactly what was in every single bottle that bore his name. He knew the best way to sell his whiskey was on the promise of quality.

Two years after Jack’s decision, the government passed the Bottled in Bond Act. The Act certified the quality of any whiskey carrying an official designation on the bottle. To earn this distinction, a whiskey had to be distilled at a single distillery during a single distilling season, aged at least four years and be bottled at 100 proof. It was a distinction that Jack’s whiskey easily earned. After all, Jack had been doing it years before it was required. 120 years later, the Bottled in Bond Act is proof of America’s commitment to ensuring the quality of whiskey. And Jack Daniel’s Bottled-in-Bond whiskey is a tribute to the man who believed in quality from the very beginning. Exclusive to duty free.

Tasting Notes:

Pour a glass of this rich, bold, 100-proof  Tennessee Whiskey and the first thing you notice is a deep amber colour . Raise the glass, and you detect caramel with mild hints of  banana. Take a sip, and you taste balanced caramel, vanilla and toasted oak flavours with a full-bodied mouth feel. It leaves you with a creamy, warm finish with Jack’s classic charcoal mellowed smoothness.

Aroma: Caramel with mild hints of banana.

Flavour: Bold yet Balanced  caramel, vanilla, and toasted oak. Full bodied.

Finish:Creamy, warm finish.

Bottled In Bond 1L

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